Kalah 4-0 dari Liverpool, legenda MU Roy Keane marah besar!

- Rabu, 20 April 2022 | 19:02 WIB
Roy Keane marah dengan kekalahan MU dari The Reds
Roy Keane marah dengan kekalahan MU dari The Reds

Purwakarta Online - Legend and former Manchester United captain Roy Keane is furious. After MU was cleared out by Liverpool 4-0.

Two MU players, Maguire and Rashford were highlighted by Roy Keane. Both played the full game as MU shaved Liverpool in the Premier League final this midweek.

Painfully, in the game at Anfield, Wednesday (20/4/2022) early morning WIB, MU was beaten mercilessly, four goals without reply by the Reds.

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While rallying the MU defense, Maguire, who is also the current team captain, won the duel six times, twice intercepted and four times made sweeps in the data reported by Opta.

Meanwhile, in the front row, Rashford failed to shoot into liverpool's goal. Rashford was also only able to touch the ball 26 times, 15 times release passes and eight times win duels.

Rashford's failure to threaten Liverpool's goal did not escape criticism from Keane. Meanwhile, Maguire was deemed unfit to play for MU with a poor performance securing the heart of MU's defense.

"Marcus Rashford played like a child in the front line. Harry Maguire -on the last goal- his pass and the way he defended was unacceptable, not good enough for Manchester United," Keane said on the BBC.

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Roy Keane seemed to be incredulous about what he was witnessing. Now, Manchester United is in the sixth position of the Premier League class.

"So, we have to use that word again -rebuild. United are in sixth place and that's unbelievable," Keane told the BBC.

With dissatisfaction, Roy Keane incessantly expressed his disappointment.

"This is not the club I play for," said Roy Keane, as quoted by the Twitter account @WeAreUnitedID, Wednesday (20/4/2022).***

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