Xiaomi Poco C40, Poco C40 Plus dan Snapdragon 680 akan segera dirilis, ini bocoran spesifikasinya!

- Sabtu, 21 Mei 2022 | 17:59 WIB
bocoran soal Poco C40 dan Poco C40 Plus
bocoran soal Poco C40 dan Poco C40 Plus


Purwakarta Online - After the success of Xiaomi Poco cellphones became one of the most sought-after mobile phone brands, especially after Eid.

The selling price of the Poco X3 Pro has soared dramatically following the huge demand for it.

With the high interest of the Indonesian and Global people who are very positive, this brand does not stop Poco continues to innovate.

This article has aired on Space Media under the title 'Poco Prepare Poco C40 and Poco C40 Plus with Snapdragon 680'.

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Now Poco has officially announced a new device on the Poco International forum, where they write down the phone that has not been released until now.

The phones are called Poco C40 and Poco C40 Plus, as the initial code is lettered "C" we can expect that this phone will be intended as a budget class phone from Poco.

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Leaks about Poco C40 and Poco C40 Plus


Editor: Enjang Sugianto

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